Corporate Video Production New Farm

Stand out from the crowd with professional corporate videography

Do You Need Professional Videos for Your New Farm Based Business?

How do you stand out in today’s frantic world, with so much information and so many businesses vying for attention? Video is the key! Nothing captures the attention of your ideal clients or customers like an engaging, professionally-produced video.

As a video production company serving New Farm, Web Video Productions provides captivating and professional videos for small to medium sized businesses in Queensland. Our corporate video production services include:

  • Product videos
  • Testimonial video production
  • Brand story videos
  • Storytelling videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Training video production
  • Event video production
  • Business video case studies
  • Video business cards
Camera focused on several people for corporate video shoot

What is Corporate Video Production New Farm?

Do you need engaging video content for your website or social media properties?

Our videos get you more leads and sales.

We also provide top-quality corporate video production services in surrounding areas, including: East Brisbane, Kangaroo Point, Hawthorne, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Bulimba, Spring Hill, Balmoral, Norman Park, Morningside.

Get Professional Videos For Your Business

Whether you’re running a digital marketing campaign, training your employees, creating online ads, or generating e-learning content just to tell a story, video is the key to an effective media communications strategy.

Our Video Portfolio

A small selection of corporate videos we have produced

Our Corporate Video Production Process

Video production is the process of creating videos from start to finish. From eye-catching social video clips, business videos, ads and music videos, video shooting is the perfect tool for all your advertising needs. Corporate video production is a rapidly growing niche as more companies make it a priority to their long-term marketing strategies.

  • Pre-Production. We develop a video strategy with you in the pre-production stage.
  • Video Production. We take care of everything needed to shoot your video.
  • Post-Production. We professionally edit your video to produce the best end result.


At the Pre-Production stage, we develop a video strategy with you. We meet with you to identify your needs and objectives, and to discuss what you’ll need from us. This includes developing a video strategy, figuring out what format works best for your business, and making everything that is needed for the shoot.

Video Production

During production, we take care of everything that is needed to set up the shoot. We make sure the camera, location, and lighting are all taken care of, and everyone knows their role in the filming process.


Once the video is shot, it’s time for post-production. We professionally edit your video for the end result you want.

Our Previous Work

Below are just a couple of sample videos from our previous work. Get in touch to see more examples of the kind of videos we can produce for your New Farm business.

Video Business Card

A unique style of video that we produce, that works wonders for many small businesses, is the Video Business Card. We craft a video that uniquely tells your story and helps your audience not only understand what you do, but to like and trust you.

Cinematic Video

We create very high-quality cinematic video for brands, using multi-camera, drones and gimbal techniques. Here is a cinematic video featuring a high-end home for sale:

Product Videos

This is a short sample product commercial. This is the type of video that works well for businesses on social media:

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Small businesses in New Farm are struggling to produce professional, attention-grabbing video content. Web Video Productions takes away the stress, producing video content that engages and captivates your ideal audience.

Whether you’re looking for marketing videos, video testimonials from your satisfied clients, or training and educational videos for your own staff, the team at Web Video Productions can help you!

Call us today to find out how we can help your New Farm business grow with professional video content!